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Ultimate Duals Scouting Report

Brookville continues its annual Ultimate Duals event which started in 1997. All the other top AA schools in the state will watch to see Saturday's results! Read on to get more details than you need to know about each competing team.

Match Schedule

Before we jump into the weeds, here is the full schedule for all teams. All matches are at Brookville High School, Brookville, PA.

10:00 am Brookville vs Chestnut Ridge Burrell vs Fort LeBoeuf 11:30 am Brookville vs Fort LeBoeuf Chestnut Ridge vs Reynolds 1:00 pm Burrell vs Reynolds Chestnut Ridge vs Fort LeBoeuf 2:30 pm Brookville vs Burrell Fort LeBoeuf vs Reynolds 4:00 pm Burrell vs Chestnut Ridge Brookville vs Reynolds

Overview & Team Rankings

Individual Rankings

Brookville Raiders Team Record

Brookville Roster

Burrell Buccaneers Team Record

Burrell Roster

Chestnut Ridge Lions Team Record

Chestnut Ridge Roster

Ft LeBoeuf Bisons Team Record

Ft Leboeuf Roster

Reynolds Raiders Team Record

Reynolds Roster

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