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2023 NW Region Preview

So quickly, we are at round three of four for the quest of state medals! Eight Reynolds wrestlers will compete for the opportunity to advance to the PIAA Championships! Read on to get all your tourney information here.

A few of the greatest in RHS History are listed here!

The link to purchase tickets is below. I included a very short description of the process at the very bottom of this report.

This overview was rushed out due to a lot of other activity going on. If you see mistakes or omissions, let me know by email (available on this website) or by a PM on Facebook. Updates to this preview can be expected.

Due to time constraints, I am not including the latest NW Regional Rankings as they were not available when this was prepared.


Tournament Schedule


Reynolds History at Regions

Following Online/Offline

Qualifiers by Team (listing by weight class is below)

  • Each heading's format is

    • School (abbrev)

    • District

    • # of Qualifiers

  • For Individual rankings

    • "Dist" is place in district tournament

    • State Ranks only.

Brockway (BRWY) D9 4

Brookville (BRV) D9 6

Cambridge Springs (CS) D10 3

Cameron County (CCT) D9 1

Clarion (CLR) D9 2

Clearfield (CLF) D9 8

Cochranton (CRT) D10 3

Commodore Perry (CP) D10 6

Conneaut Area (CA) D10 3

Corry (COR) D10 9

Coudersport (CDP) D9 2

Cranberry (CRB) D9 6

Curwensville (CWV) D9 4

Eisenhower (EH) D10 3

Fort LeBoeuf (FLB) D10 11

General McLane (GML) D10 8

Girard (GIR) D10 3

Greenville (GRNV) D10 4

Grove City (GRC) D10 5

Harbor Creek (HCR) D10 2

Johnsonburg (JNBG) D9 3

Kane (KANE) D9 2

Maplewood (MPW) D10 2

North East (NE) D10 4

Northwestern (NW) D10 3

Oswayo Valley (OSV) D9 1

Port Allegany (PAL) D9 4

Redbank Valley (RBV) D9 1

Reynolds (REY) D10 8

Ridgway (RGW) D9 1

Saegertown (SGT) D10 6

Seneca (SEN) D10 1

Sharon (SHR) D10 3

Sharpsville (SHRP) D10 5

Slippery Rock (SLPR) D10 2

St. Mary's (STM) D9 7

Titusville (TTV) D10 4

Union City (UC) D10 1

Warren (WRN) D10 3

Youngsville (YNG) D10 2

Qualifiers by Weight Class

  • Place is from Districts

  • Rank is state rank














Steps to Purchase TIckets

There are a few differences from the process to buy tickets for Sections and Districts. You have a few extra starting steps but the actual purchase process is better.

  • That link takes you to a screen on the PIAA site. Choose the option for Wrestling (obviously). You will see the following:

  • Select the option circled in red - "NW AA Regional...".

  • Once on the purchase screen, you have the ability to buy tickets for all or some of the sessions even thow that lead in screen (above) says just March 3. And they even provide an All-Sessions purchase option.

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So glad you fellas and ladies are keeping up on Legacy. I watch from distant state. 1968 captain

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