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2023 State Championship Review

Updated: Mar 11, 2023


Four wrestlers travel to Hershey to represent Reynolds at this year's PIAA Championships in Hershey. We take a look at their competition as they try to earn a spot on the medals podium.

RHS State Champions

For this event, the format of this preview is a bit different than for the earlier qualifying tournaments. Mainly, we are focusing on just the four Raider wrestlers and their weight classes; we will not cover the other nine weight classes. Within the section for each Reynolds wrestler is a summary list of everyone in the respective weight class.

The first Championship Team in Pennsylvania!

A new feature added in this preview is for each opponent, there is a link (named head-to-head) that goes to a special screen on PA-Wrestling that compares our wrestler to that specific opponent. It will show any head-to-head matches over their career and every common opponent between the two. Here is an example of Waylon's first match vs Parker Sentipal of Burgettstown.

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Reynolds History at States

Waylon Waite - Freshman, 114 lbs

Chase Bell - Junior, 133 lbs, 8th Place

Vito Gentile - Sophomore, 160 lbs

Jalen Wagner - Senior, 172 lbs, 6th Place

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