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Sharpsville Scouting Report

The 6-0 Raiders host the Blue Devils at Reynolds. Junior High starts at 6:00. Varsity begins at 7:00.

New Scouting Report Format

Please bear with me as we try different ways to present this material. I usually do web browsing on a laptop so it was a bit of a surprise (not in a good way) when I tried to use my own report on a cell phone during the Raider Duals last weekend.

This is an attempt to make it easier for cell phone users, which make up about 70% of our fans. The key changes are that I reduced the indenting and wide lists (such as the rosters) in order to eliminate, or at least minimize, uncontrolled word wrapping. Also, I am using collapsible topics so that you can quickly find information without endless scrolling.

Let me know if this is better for you. If this doesn't work, I will try a new method for the next match.


Sharpsville Team Records

Ranked Wrestlers & Key Matchups

Sharpsville Roster

Reynolds Roster

That's all for now. Save me a seat!

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