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(re)Introducing the Legacy Makers

Last week, I asked, "Who were these guys?". Any Raider wrestling fan knows the names Gollner, Unangst, "The Bear" or any of the gazillion Loutzenhisers. Perhaps the iceberg metaphor is overused but it is certainly true of the Reynolds program: The legends of the program are just a small part of what made Reynolds the program it has evolved to be.

Just added to this website is a page, "60s Wrestlers", dedicated to showing as many people associated with the 1960s' teams as we could find including wrestlers, managers and coaches (instructions to find this screen are below) . When you look at the records, you will see many are at or below a .500 win percentage but that is not the real point here ... or perhaps it is. Everyone was a big contributor to the mythos of a Reynolds Wrestler. (Please see "Help!" below)

Here is a snippet of the desktop version of the new page.

I can personally attest (for the late 60s, at least) that everyone of these guys was really tough and worked extremely hard. I mentioned last week that we inherited some stars from Greenville and Jamestown when our school was formed. But many other wrestlers started wrestling in high school. Just look at the progress as the years passed by. In the final years of the decade, most graduates had outstanding records, which reflect the great coaching, experience and in-the-room competition.

So take a look at the new page. This will pull old memories out of the minds of us old-timers. For the rest, just appreciate that this group of wrestlers built the solid base that made us stand higher than other programs.

Get your tickets for the picnic to reacquaint or meet some of the wrestlers from the 60s!


We tried to be accurate but we are human and working with older records.

  • If you have missing or better quality pictures, please send us an electronic form or if you trust us, the actual photos. And let us know if we mismatched a picture with a name!

  • We know we don't have every wrestler so you can helps us identify all other teammates and managers. Many did not wrestle a varsity match so we don't have a record of their participation.

  • Finally, let us know if any of the factual data is incorrect such as spelling, graduation year or record.

Accessing the new page of "The 60s Wrestlers".

The main menu has changed slightly in that we added a main topic "Picnic" and the existing selection "Picnic Tickets" is a now submenu. And the new "60s Wrestlers" is an additional submenu under the "Picnic" menu item.

Here are examples of the desktop version (left) and cell phone (right).

Selecting the new screen on the desktop is very straight forward by going to "Picnic" and then clicking "60s Wrestlers" in the submenu. See the red arrow above.

On a cell phone, follow the red circled numbers in the screenshot, above right.

  1. Display the site menu by tapping the square box with three line in the top right.

  2. Display the submenu for "Picnic" by tapping the down arrow.

  3. Select the screen by tapping the entry for "60s Wrestlers"

  4. Below is a sample of what you will see. The pictures scroll vertically with 8 wrestlers per page.

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