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We Want You!

Calling all wrestlers, mat maids and coaches from the 80's. We are nearing the home stretch for the 4th Annual Legacy Club BBQ at the Transfer Fair Grounds and we want you to be recognized for your contributions to building our LEGACY!.

Of course, we want all former members of the wrestling program and fans of all ages to be there, too. You can get your physical tickets from anyone in the Legacy Club (send us a Facebook DM if you can't find us) or buy your tickets online RIGHT HERE. Remember - there are NO extra charges for ordering online.

Don Shaffer at the 1st Legacy club Picnic in 2021.

He wants all his fellow 80's decade teammates to be there this year!

Below is a list of all the wrestlers that graduated during the 80's and wrestled a varsity match during their time at Reynolds. Although we tried to get every name, we know that names are missed. Also, I can't find lists of mat maids' names to add. And we are aware that sadly, there are several names listed of those that have passed.

If you are on this list get your tickets now. Or if know these people, please let them know to get their tickets so they can enjoy a day with old friends. Lastly, send me names of anyone missing  (and let them know they should come too) from this list and I can add them.

Thanks all! Here is the list...

Matt Albaugh

Cham Anderson

Bill Anthony

Tom Arbanas

Aaron Armer

Ron Beckman

Brian Black

Brad Boyd

Bryon Boyd

Kevin Brandt

Tim Brandt

Jeff Bresnan

Brian Brest

Rick Brickell

Martin Bright

Jim Bucher

Chris Burns

Doug Cadman

Mike Canady

Richard Carter

Jeff Chamberlain

Glenn Clark

Brian Cullen

John Derrick

Bill Drake

Mike Dudley

Dan Esmond

Chris Fedorczyk

Bill Ferguson

Tom Ferguson

Pat Fordyce

Barry Foust

Troy Frampton

Doug Frkonja

Joe Fuoco

Jeff Galus

Russ Gilson

Mark Goda

Shawn Goda

Jeff Groover

Lee Groover

Rod Harnett

Mark Higbee

Bob Hough

Mike Hough

Tim Hough

Barry Jones

Paul Kerr

Barry Lang

Dave Lineman

Chris Link

Joel Link

Paul Link

Doug Longiotti

Bryan Massena

Bunky Mathieson

Greg Micsky

Marty Miller

Keith Mitchell

Scott Moffett

Brad Morris

Mark Napodano

Dan Nottingham

Scott Nottingham

Erik Olson

Chris Osborne

Terry Pacifico

Bill Reagle

Rob Reagle

Chris Reeher

Dave Reimold

Bryan Rhodes

Chris Rhodes

Bryan Scott

Steve Scott

Ed Selan

Don Shaffer

Charles Shipton

Scott Slater

Tim Slater

Tom Small

John Smith

Joel Staley

Brick Stewart

Todd Stewart

Brad Stoyer

Keith Swartz

Gino Tofani

John Tofani

Steve Uhrin

Brian Uzarski

Chris Walter

Rod Watkins

Greg Zohoranacky

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