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Ladies of the Eighties

From the beginning of Raider wrestling history, the team has been blessed with having a great support staff.  A Mat Maids (and the former team managers) were/are extremely important in contributing to the program's success.

1981 Mat maids

Row 1: Jackie Frkonja, Lori Schell, Darla Reagle, Roxanne Plowman

Row 2: Alane Riggle, Tina Eakman, Diane Esmond, Sharon Patterson, Darlene Hough, Kay Fordyce

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1985 Mat maids

Row 1: Janet Baker, Nikki Fedorczyk, Kelly Link, Jennifer Stevens, Rhonda Fustos

Row 2: Kris Fiedler, Darlene Smith, Sherri Harvy, Paula Ferguson, Jackie Frkonja,  Roxanne Plowman

In the 80’s, girls wrestling was a very novel idea and almost non-existent in our area.  Also, like now, not every girl really wanted to wrestle. Thus, the only opportunities for them to be involved with the wrestling program was on the periphery as cheerleaders or more directly as managers - or as it was named, the Mat Maids.

1986 Mat maids

Row 1: Kathy Selan, Beth Selan

Row 2: Stacey Mowry, Rhonda Cullen, Sheri Ringer, Karen Mitchell, Suzanne Schwab

Row 3: Kari Kendall, Lisa Watkins, Jodie Nezdoba, Noleen Livermore, Kelly Simonton


You may remember from pictures posted for last year’s picnic that we started using Mat Maids in the late 70’s. But the 80’s was the first full decade of having a Mat Maid staff.  Pictures of various years are posted here but I don’t have every year’s team (hint to those of you that have pics).

1988 Mat maids

Row 1: Lorie Black, Shelly Goda

Row 2: Lisa Drew, Darci Patrick, Danielle Daugherty


Coaches are very appreciative of all the volunteer efforts the girls provide, from setting up the practice room every day to keeping the scorebooks at matches and the many other countless tasks.  I can tell you firsthand from my coaching days (45+ years ago, yikes!) that the manager staff made my job much easier.

1989 Mat maids

Row 1: Lorie Black

Row 2: Darci patrick, Danielle Daugherty, Lisa Drew

Row 3: Sonya Hanzes, Tanya Hanzes, Andie Schehl, Kristin Hunter


The Legacy Club truly believes the importance of the Mat Maids.  Three of our board members, Gaye McLaughlin, Robyn Lineman Weaver and Vickie Lineman Hildebrand are all former Mat Maids.  Also, for the first time ever, we proudly awarded the 2024 Brian Hills Scholarship to senior Mat Maid, Rylee Gearhart!

Appropriately, this article gives tribute to all the Mat Maids and specifically keeping with the picnic theme, “The Ladies of the Eighties”.  For all the work you did behind the scenes for very little recognition, you are certainly a big part of the Reynolds Wrestling Legacy!

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