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Mercer County HOF honors two Raiders!

A pair of former Reynolds greats will be inducted into the Mercer County Hall of Fame on Saturday night at the Avalon Country Club in Buhl Park.

Tim Morrison (RHS '78) & Mark Bodo (RHS '93)

We know that our storied past is full of star athletes. Once again, outsiders of the Reynolds sphere -- in the form af another hall-of-fame board -- recognize the achievements of our former student-athletes.

Tim Morrison and Mark Bodo are perfect examples of the outstanding qualities that embody our wrestling history. Not only did both of them win wrestling titles, they parlayed their athletic skills to get college educations and become very successful businessmen.

You can read more detail of their athletic resumes for Mark here, and Tim here in the Mercer County HOF site. Following is a very brief summary of their accomplishments.

Tim Morrison was a state runnerup in 1978, his senior year, and eventually wrestled for Rider where he earned Divison 1 All-American honors, finishing 5th in the 1983 MCAA (the 2nd Raider in history to do so). Raider nation is very familiar with the Morrison name as he joins older brother Dan, also a Rider grad, in the HOF. Tim's son was also a state finalist in PA. And Tim still supports the Reynolds program and the scholarship efforts of the Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Club.

I personally know Tim and can verify that he was/is the real-deal as a wrestler. You never stepped on the mat with him or his big brother, for practice or competition, if you weren't ready to go all out. The brothers perfected new twists with their unique and elaborate cradle series that could make you cry in pain.

Mark Bodo was an oustanding football player and wrestler at Reynolds. He was a three time state place-winner and a state champion in 1993. From there, he wrestled at Pitt and was the 3rd Raider to become an NCAA Division 1 All-American. In fact, he placed in the big show three times earning 6th place twice and 4th place once.

I remember watching Mark wrestle on the cable channel broadcast of the high school state championships. I could see the talent and immediately knew that he would have a great college career. He did that ... and much more.

We congratulate these two men for their induction and for being great representives of Reynolds Wrestling. They illustrate the real Reynolds Wrestling Legacy!

Other notes about the HOF

  • It will be a real wrestlers night at the HOF. The great Tom Tomeo of Grove City and Tom Tingley of Lakeview will be inducted too.

  • Raider fans and families of the Reynolds inductees will fill several tables watch the ceremony!

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