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Let's Support Grove City Wrestlers

? Say what ?

Public Service Announcement

I will be post the scouting report this evening as soon as I get a few more facts to add. But while I wait for that report...

We learned that the Grove City wrestling team is sponsoring a food drive in conjunction with our match. They are asking their fans and student body to bring non-perishable goods in support of a local food pantry. Participating GC students will be given black t-shirts as part of a team spirit initiative so they can give a "black-out" of support for their team.

Great idea and I think using this activity to build school spirit is a good thing. It is great for the food pantry and wrestling. People in need will benefit and it sure beats wrestling in an empty gym. More fans will pump up both teams, not just their young men and women. Our team has performed in front of opposing fans enough times to know how to use that energy in positive ways.

If you plan to attend and are able to give, I am asking that we participate and bring goods to support their efforts. In fact, I will ask them if my donation can be a proxy to give a t-shirt to one of their students that could not bring items.

Just reading about the Damar Hamlin incident earlier today inspired me how people quickly showed support by contributing to his Toy Fund, Go Fund Me page (he was hoping to raise a few thousand dollars but reporting says the fund is in the millions - overnight!). In the past few years, the Bills Mafia has supported charities across the country for different players on opposing teams.

I have seen that same giving spirit in Raider Nation since I returned to the area a few years ago. So please take part in tomorrow's food drive if you can. We love and support our teams but we care about people!

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