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Just who were these guys?

Legacy Club Picnic: Honoring the 60s

A decade starting with folk music, beginnings of soft rock, crew cuts, collared shirts and straight leg pants and morphed into hard rock, long hair, T-shirts and bell bottom pants. The RHS wrestling program began with an energetic Track coach in charge, jump started with some stars from Jamestown and Greenville only to conclude that era with a future Hall of Fame coach and the best team in Mercer County -and probably in District 10.

These coaches and wrestlers ARE the makers of the Legacy! They are a big part of the reason my friends and I started wrestling. Their successes made it easier for us to believe we could do the same. We will give them their due recognition at the picnic on July 16 (get your tickets here!).

Our club members have been trying to contact as many of these wrestlers as we can but several years have gone by and many have scattered to all parts of the country. Or worse, we sadly know of many that are no longer with us.

WE NEED YOUR HELP... in three ways!

  • If you know any of these wrestlers, managers or coaches, please try to convince them to come to the picnic or give us their contact information and one of us plead and beg them to come.

  • If you have any old pictures of the wrestlers - still shots or in action - please convert them to electronic form and send them to us at Soon, we will start posting them on our website and use them at the picnic.

  • We might be missing names of team members and managers as well as other information. Check our list on the individual records to see if someone you know is not there (click here for that list). For instance, I don't have anything about the 1961 team. And who were the team captains and managers?

Here are the lists we have. Please help us complete the missing data. Note: We are looking for people that graduated in 1969 or before. The underclassmen in 1969 will be part of the 70s recognition in a future picnic.

This first list are wrestlers that we have not been able to find contact information or what we have is minimal (e.g., we have old phone numbers or their Facebook account name but they did not respond to our attempts to contact them).

Bill Bowman

Carl Fritz

Ray Moyer

John Woods

Terry Bradigan

Ed Fry

Chuck Olinger

? Allen (Mgr-1966)

Ray Brest

Jerry Humphrey

Denny Reichard

? Fruit (Mgr-1962)

Jim Charles

Bob Leventry

Don Reichard

? Porterfield (Mgr-1967)

Rick Chess

Jim Liszka

Larry Riley

Gerry Menold

Jim Christman

Bob 'Bear' Loveless

Paul Smargiasso

Bill Craig

Ralph McConnell

Joe Spicko

Ross DiSalvo

Gerry Menold

Craig Steffey

Ed Dougherty

Rick Moore

Larry Uber

We don't have a picture of the following when they were a part of the program. Even for those pictures we do have, you might have better ones.

Herb Albaugh

Jim Armer

Bill Blake Maybe, what we have may not be Bill

Bill Bowman

Terry Bradigan

Ed Dougherty

Carl Fritz

Ed Fry Maybe, what we have may not be

Tom Gilson

Ralph Grady

Mike Graham

Jerry Humphrey

Al Marzano

Ralph McConnell

Ray Moyer

Denny Reichard Maybe, I have at least one of Denny or Don

Don Reichard but I am not sure which one

Larry Riley As Coach. I don't have one from his wrestling days

Craig Steffey

Dick Sherwood Just a recent picture, not one from coaching wrestling

Finally, I have this picture of a mystery assistant coach. Can anyone put a name to this?

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Mark  Reichard
Mark Reichard
Jun 01, 2022

Mystery Coach - Joe Youngo

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