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It's Coming - 11 Days to the Picnic!

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Procrastinator Alert: Please get your tickets by July 9.

Yes, this year's big social event is just a few weeks away but we really need all of you to get your tickets ASAP, before we need to place our food order.

Purchasing online is fairly easy (click here) but if you or someone you know is opposed to using (or trusting) technology to purchase anything, just get in touch with us via Facebook personal messages or email to the club (see the email address at the bottom of this screen). Or call me at 203-215-0146.

The same is true if you know someone that does not use a computer (usually people of, ahem, my generation) - please let them know how to contact us.

Finally, if you can't make it because of other commitments ... or the cost of gas ... or any other reason, you can help the cause by donating directly to the scholarship fund here.

We really appreciate all the support you have given to us and the entire RHS Wrestling Program. We hope to see you on July 16th!

--Chuck Coryea

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