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How Do I View Media?

or, "How to use the website in 183 easy steps!" - just kidding.

This primer shows a few basic steps to view Streams & Pics on the website. It does not try to show you every way to get to the videos and pictures, but it gets you started with a few basic steps that you can use as a base in learning the capabilities of the web site.

You are probably wondering why we just don't post the videos on Youtube for public access. So what it comes down to is the Legacy Club is trying to raise scholarship funds through donations. By forcing you to come here, we can shamelessly chip on your emotional shield by reminding you to pitch in to the cause since we are doing this work to bring the Raider program to your home (or cell phone). From this site, I can easily ask you to click here or there and it takes you to the Community Foundation screen for your pledge. Just have your credit card ready!

Back to the instructions. This will take you through process to see the matches and pictures for this season, 2022-23. You will see other options. Try them out as you get more comfortable.

Caveate 1: We are loading more pics and streams every week --historical as well as current. If you have a library of media that you would like to share, we will gratefully try to load them to the site. Contact us if you can share. For now, we have a lot of "empty" head shots of wrestlers and very few action shots.

Caveate 2: This is a complex system so you may encounter anomalies (eg. bugs). Please make a note of what you were doing and let me know about the issue. We will do our best to fix the problems.

  • The easiest path is to use the Pics & Flicks option from the menu. Both the desktop and mobile devices use the same process. The format is different, of course, but the actions are identical. Note a cell phone menu is displayed when you tap the menu bar icon.

  • After you click/tap the Pics & Flicks option, you will see the following screen (again, the desktop example is on the left and mobile on the right).

    • Here, I have already clicked the radio button for a single year. When you first enter the screen, All is selected and the "year" entry field is hidden. It shows up when you select Single.

    • Enter 2023 (for the season 2022-23) and click the Search button.

  • Now you see what we have available (so far) in the system. Other than screen width, cell and desktop views are the same. You can pick what type of media you want to see, some or all that have counts more than zero. For now, just accept it. Click the View Media button.

  • Finally, you have what you came for. Videos all have that film icon and pictures are, well, pictures. Clicking/tapping on the thumbnails will start the videos or zoom in on pictures.

    • When done, you can back out to the options for more searches or you can click on the Scholarships menu option to make that huge donation!

    • By the way, the videos by Patrick Belback are very entertaining and fun to watch. He is much more advanced with his techniques than am I. We are peanut butter and jelly to his gourmet. He as graciously allowed us to post his work on our site. We also have permission from Pitt and Gannon to show videos of Cole Matthews and Joel Leise, respectively. (Thiel, I haven't heard back from you yet?!). I will eventually get those posted too.

Have fun!


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