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Get your Picnic Tickets Here!

This year, we honor the wrestlers from the 60's

Ticket sales for the popular annual Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Club BBQ Picnic are now on sale right here on this website. To get your tickets, just click here! Or click on the "Picnic Tickets" option in the main menu and follow the process. The event is on July 16 at the Reynolds VFW.

Here are a few memories from last year's event.

For now, tickets are available online only but we will be offering traditional physical tickets in the upcoming weeks. So be sure to tell your unconnected (from the internet) friends that we aren't leaving them behind.

Everyone at last year's picnic had a great time catching up with former teammates, fans and friends. I have been told by many former wrestlers that they were disappointed to miss that picnic but are planning to get back to Reynolds this summer.

This year we go back to the origins of all the teams to honor every wrestler and manager from the graduating classes from 1961 to 1969. We do hope every one of you are able to make it.

These are the people that were my first wrestling heroes!

It was the time for many RHS wrestling milestones: first undefeated team and team section championship, first guys to go to states... and win a title, two long win streaks - the second going into the 70s before it ended. In short, these wrestlers were the bedrock of the Reynolds LEGACY.

If you are from that era and plan to attend, please let us know ahead of time so we can honor you at the picnic as part of the legacy. Be sure to invite all of your friends and teammates from your teams too.

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