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Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes !

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

New season, new scholarship, new Facebook Page, new Streaming approach, new Website screens ... just where does it end?

The 2022-23 Wrestling Season will begin this weekend and along with the normal changes of the faces on the team, many other new aspects of the program support media coverage has changed as well.

By the way, my apologies to the late, great David Bowie for stealing a song snippet. My preference of liking Classic Rock is one thing that hasn't changed!

We will just present a summary of the events and new topics in this article but more details will be discussed in future blogs or Facebook posts.

2022-23 Wrestling Season

It all begins this week at the famed Ironman tournament. Make the trip to Canton or get a FloWrestling subscription to follow and cheer on the Raiders. See the full schedule on this site's Home page!

Brian Hills Scholarship

The Legacy Club is really excited to announce that we are awarding a 2nd scholarship in honor of Hall-of-Fame Coach, Brian Hills! This will be awarded along with our inaugural Neal Lineman Scholarship.

Brian has the longest tenure (25 years) of any RHS coach and is recognized for elevating the program from being a regional/state power to one getting national recognition.

His 371-38-1 record, 5 Team State Champions and 3 State Dual Champions pretty much made this choice a no brainer. He is very much respected by his wrestlers too – they have been constantly asking us when we will create a scholarship in his name!

More on this in a future blog.

Reynolds Wrestling News Facebook Page

The Legacy Club has joined forces with the Reynolds Wrestling Mag to create the Reynolds Wrestling News FB page. This was done to unify our efforts to provide a single source of information on the program. We tried to approach our messaging from different angles during the past two years, but it was impossible to avoid many redundancies.

By the way, when we started the Legacy Club two years ago, we wanted to piggyback on the RWM, but Don Shaffer had his FB page so long that he forgot the password and couldn’t give us the administrative access to use his page. So in a way, we are where we wanted to be from the beginning.

Changes to the Wrestling Match Streaming

This may upset a few of you but we do not plan to live-stream the matches this year. BUT! We are working on plans to film every match and then post it so you can watch the stream in a delayed broadcast. Our hope is to provide this service within a day or two after an event (but we do have lives to live which may affect our turn-around time).

There are many reasons for this change but some primary ones are scheduling people to broadcast (personal life changes have affected the broadcast team), fans were not going to matches due to the convenience of watching from home (the kids need fans cheering them on live, not via comments to a FB feed) and Facebook technical restrictions are sometimes a pain for us to work with.

There may be a few exceptions to this direction and we will let you know how each match is handled for streaming.

Major Changes to

It is the web and one thing required to keep people interested is that a site must constantly change. I mean, just how often do you read 2 year old magazines?

This is basically a top-down change. 70% of the site visitors use a cell phone and the original design was not good for them. I moved and combined some sections and completely removed others. It is still a work in progress and some current pages will be expanded and new pages will be added over the next few weeks.

This site provides the framework for us to build the Reynolds Wrestling Scrapbook. See below for some of this and we will be following up on this initiative later. But as of today...


It has a minimalist design with pictures and movie streams as a destination, not as window dressing. Screens were made to be more easily converted to a cell phone format so you won't see much in the margins. In most cases, you can click/tap entries to drill down into more detail. Also, the base color is a deep blue so that it is easier on the eyes - especially on a cell phone.

Home page:

This is intended as a Public Service to our base with a complete calendar of events and news.

You first see a summary list of Events list as you enter the page with calendar items happening in the next 7 days along with special events and some blog entries.

I encourage everyone to provide us with calendar entries for us to keep it complete and accurate.

Legacies page:

Right now there are two sub-menu pages (see below). I will add two more pages soon: "New Legacies", which will be coverage of this years team. And "Picnic" which will have links to next summer's ticket sales and an archive of pictures/streams for the past picnics.

For both of the following sub-pages, I will be creating some kind of instruction on how to use the screens as the searches and views might be confusing.

History sub-page:

Basically this is the old "Goodies" page on steroids. It is intended to provide complex search capabilities on most of all the history of RHS Wrestling. Keep clicking on items to see more details.

Pics & Flicks sub-page:

This is a beginning of a Raider Wrestling Scrapbook. Only a few pictures and streams are in the database now but with your help, we can make this THE repository of our history.

Scholarships page:

It is currently just a little more than the original "Donate" page. This will be expanded soon with pictures and other items related to scholarships.

Blog page:

No changes

That's it for now. Stay tune for more news...

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