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So, you really like to watch the match streams and read the scouting reports? Now, we are asking you to support us. Here is the scoop on the RWLC and all the other Reynolds Wrestling support clubs. See how you can help us help the team.

Don't want to read the entire article? Save time and donate to our scholarship program!

Clicking/Tapping this button takes you to the Community Foundation website. Your donation is tax deductible if you qualify for charitable contributions.

In the course of the many changes with our club during the past year, we haven't taken time to (re)educate our audience about who we are and what we do. We incorrectly assumed that everyone knew us and about our goals. But I have learned that some of you did not know about the Legacy Club or the scholarships. Here is an overview of what we do as well as the other groups that have spent countless hours in supporting the program. Of course, I will plug our club's needs first.


First and foremost, the Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Club is a group which raises funds to provide scholarships for students participating in the Reynolds Wrestling Program. We have awarded $8000 in our very short history and plan to award another $6000 this year. All of this is possible because of our great Raider fans and alumni.

This is the reason the club was created. All the other things we do is to support to the program and service to the Raider Nation. These other initiatives, quite honestly, are used to keep you aware of our scholarship program.


Many of you like to watch our live streaming of events. This requires money for us to provide coverage of the post-season competition. The PIAA and District 10 charge us big fees for broadcasting rights of these events. Ryan Hills has posted requests for support on Facebook. Please contact Ryan, ASAP, to determine a payment method for your contribution. We will not cover an event if we don't get funding explicitly for streaming!

My rant about streaming: If you have funds for just one thing, we prefer it to be for the scholarship fund. Streaming donations are great but most of all the benefits go back to you, which is fine as long we can accomplish our main goals. We put in many many hours of preparation and our own money for various aspects of this service. If providing streaming doesn't convince enough of you to donate to the scholarship program, we will need to decide if the effort is worth it (we seriously discussed if we should stream matches, or not, this year).

Wrestling Program Support

The various groups that comprise the overall support structure for Reynolds Wrestling are dynamic and robust. Although it may appear that we do the same things (and there is some overlap), we generally work together to augment each other's efforts. The current pace of changes may seem to much to follow but you can expect us to keep changing. As with any endeavor, it's basically an evolve-or-die scenario if you want to stay successful.

The various groups are.

  • Reynolds Wrestling Boosters -The program gets most all their external financial and event support from this organization, comprised primarily of the parents. They run many fund-raising events and operate the Raider apparel & food stands at home events. To volunteer, get in touch with Heidi Floch. A link to the Boosters Club FB page is below on a desktop or tap the circled ellipse, "...", on a cell phone.

  • Road Crew - This is another huge supporter, made up of a handful of dedicated, diehard fans. This long existing group has raised tens of thousands of support dollars over several decades with lots of hard work. Their Annual Golf Outing is their biggest fund-raising event. Contact Brad Stoyer if you want to help this group.

  • - This website was created by Art Williams long before the current social media scene. It was the initial foray into the internet exposure game and is still a great site to read up on Reynolds History and current match results.

  • Reynolds Wrestling News Facebook page - This started last fall when the RWLC and Reynolds Wrestling Mag Facebook pages merged as a single voice for Raider Nation in social media. RWM was created many years ago and maintained by Don Shaffer when he recognized the shift from traditional websites to the popularity of social media.

  • Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Club - Originally started to get remote alumni and fans involved with providing financial support (since the others primarily tap the same local fans). That has happened to some level, but we will keep working to make this a major source of funding. Contact Chuck Coryea to support our club.

  • - Our website was created to provide the continuity of information that Facebook fails to accomplish when its posts fall off into a bottomless pit after a few days. It somewhat overlaps Art's site but we needed a venue to promote Legacy Club specific needs such as the scholarship programs and our very popular picnic. We would like the site to become the pictural and video repository/library of our history.

  • 3rd Annual Legacy Club BBQ - Yes, a third bullet point for the club but after all, it is our blog! This has already become a must-do social event. It is a chance for all the alumni to get back to the area and share the wonderful memories of our history. This year's picnic is July 8 at the VFW pavilion. Tickets will be on sale within a few days!

You can see that we have a lot of methods and opportunities for you to support the different groups. Lastly, everyone in these organizations can use lots of volunteers so that the required efforts can be shared.

Get Involved!

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