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Ultimate Warrior Tournament - A change of pace

In the aftermath of the charged up & highly successful win over Greenville, the Raiders must refocus and travel to West Branch high school tomorrow and Saturday to compete in one of the tougher mid-state tournaments with lots of AA & AAA powers.

All the guys get to wrestle at their post-season tourney weights and see where they stand at the state level. This scouting report is a bare bones review of the competition and an update of our team's stats.

I prepared this information a few days ago so all team records are accurate as of 1/23 (except Reynolds - ours is up to date). All State Rankings, team & individual, are stale as they were made in the first week of January but they give a decent indication of the quality.

The person that that cumulates records and creates the rankings has had medical issues and his backup has not yet refreshed the lists.

Special note: Chase Bell needs three victories to reach the 100 Career Wins milestone!

Tournament Schedule

Tournament Overview

Ranked Wrestlers

Reynolds Roster

Next up: We should be learning about the draws for the District 10 AA Team Duals in the next several days!

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