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2024 D10 Duals!

Preliminary matches start Wednesday but Reynolds starts their title defense on Saturday morning at Sharon High School against the winner of the Sharpsville-Commodore Perry match.

The Raiders had an oustanding performance in winning the highly regarded Ultimate Warrior tournament last weekend but they need to refocus for one of the more balanced district tournaments in years.

First, a word from our sponsor (that's us!)

The Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Club is hosting the 4th Annual RWLC BBQ Picnic on July 13 at the Reynolds VFW Pavilion. We will honor teams from the 80s this year but the picnic is for everyone, not just that era. And this is a family event!

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Get more picnic information here.

About Tickets:

  • We reduced the price of tickets for everyone

  • Same price for online or traditional paper tickets).

  • We really encourage you to buy tickets online.

  • We do not charge any processing fees. Unlike Ticketmaster, our advertized price is all you pay!

  • Get your online tickets now - you can't lose it. We keep a list of every person purchasing online & we will send an email a few weeks prior to the event as a reminder.

What's in this report & what isn't...

First, a few notes about this expanded scouting report. Not every team in the tournament is covered because it would take to much time to research and assemble that information (any volunteers to help?).

You can click the link to old scouting reports for ...

  • Grove City. They are on the other side of the bracket and I am guessing we won't wrestle this weekend.

  • Sharpsville. We may wrestle Sharpsville saturday morning but we met them twice already so there isn't much to add.

For Ft. Leboeuf and Greenville , I updated their records but didn't include any analysis text. In their respective team reviews, I included links to those previous scouting reports as well.

Here are the brackets & schedules:

Refer to the brackets above for the times. In general, all preliminary matches are at the home of one of the particpating teams on Wednesday. All matches on Saturday are at Sharon High School

D10 Teams' Results from Last Weekend


Raider History in D10 Duals

Commodore Perry Panthers Team

Commodore Perry Roster

Corry Area Beavers Team

Corry Roster

Fort LeBoeuf Bisons Roster

General McLane Lancers Team

General McLane Roster

Greenville Trojans Roster

Reynolds Raiders Team

Reynolds Roster

Save me a seat!

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