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Data we collect:

  • Site Member information, only if you enter the information.. 

    • Name, email and telephone

    • Username and password

  • Some cookies are created by the development software we use to track session activity.

Links to Third Party Sites:

  • We have optional links (buttons) that direct site members to third party sites that, on that site, require members to provide information to complete financial transactions. We do our best to evaluate if these parties provide acceptable security, privacy and security. It is the responsibility of those third parties as well as each member to review the policies of those sites.

  • Third Party Sites currently or will include:

    • The Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH

      • The foundation collects donations and manage our scholarship fund.

    • Sites that allow online Event ticket sales and auctions.

      • These companies will support our ability to raise funds.

  • Links to other sites supporting Reynolds High School Wrestling

    • Facebook pages for the High School and Elementary ​Booster Clubs

    • Facebook pages for the Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Club and Reynolds Wrestling Magazine.

    • The web page

We do NOT collect:

  • Any financial information such as credit cards or bank account data.

    • All actions requiring financial transactions are through optional links (buttons) going to third party companies with sites that employ their own security measures. See the section "Links to Third Party Sites".

  • Any personal information other than as described above

  • Any other cookie information than what our session creates.

How we use the data:

  • The username and password is used only for the internal site control of what content any visitor can see. The software we use does not provide visibility to a visitor's password.

    • A non-registered visitor is not permitted to see any Member content

    • A registered visitor whom is not a Scholarship donor can see a limited amount of Donor member content.

    • A Donor Member that has registered a site account has complete access to all content. 

      • Once a visitor creates a web site account, the validation to determine if that user is a Donor is completely manual.  We validate the donation status with the records at the Community Foundation of Western PA & Eastern OH and then return to the web site administration page to upgrade an account's status.

  • The personal name, email and telephone will be used to...

    • Conduct email campaigns to support fund raising by requesting direct donations, selling tickets to our annual picnic or possibly online auctions.

    • Notify members of specific upcoming events not related to fundraising efforts.

    • At this time, we do not have plans to use the telephone numbers for fundraising efforts.

    • On occasion, we will use the email addresses to validate if a specific site member is a legitimate person and not some proxy or fake account.

  • We may occasionally perform some analytic analysis to determine regional geographic locations from where our visitors come. Due to the nature of our very small marketing audience and that we are a low funded group supporting a non profit scholarship program, this activity will be very limited.  And we will use only the basic data available through normal web traffic.

What we will NOT do:

  • We will never sell or in any other way any provide private data we collect to third party interests. All data is for our use only.

    • Note, we don't control how the 3rd party affiliates use the data once a visitor enters their sites.​

Intended Audience:

  • We are targeting adults of 18 or more years old.  However, we do not have content material inappropriate for minors.

    • There are links to 3rd Party companies for financial transactions that are not intended for minors.  We recognize that there is very little control one can put in place to stop this action.

Last updated 2021-12-09

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