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Ultimate Duals a big test for Raiders

Reynolds has had a tough time in their last two trips to Brookville. Does the impressive 9-0 start mean the Raiders are ready to be among the winners this year?

Note: Except for Reynolds, stats are just for all matches up to January 15. The statistics do not include the results of matches held on the 16th, 17th and 18th. Any team scores that are recorded during that timefame might (or might not) be added to the respective team's records.

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Ultimate Duals Overview

Brookville Raiders Review

Brookville Roster

Burrell Buccaneers Review

Burrell Roster

Chestnut Ridge Lions Review

Chestnut Ridge Roster

Fort LeBoeuf Bisons Review

Fort LeBoeuf Roster

United Lions Review

United Lions Roster

Reynolds Review

Reynolds Roster

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