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The Tradition of Things

The Reynolds Wrestling Legacy is an ever-growing accumulation of traditions.

We will continue with covering wrestlers of the 70's in a few days. But first, we want to backtrack here to present a few factoids about Reynolds Wrestling that many fans and alumni take for granted. Some things are fun, some serious and while many are rooted to our origin years, others are more recent. This goes along with the 70's theme of the BBQ Picnic since a couple of these traditions started in the 1969-70 school year.

At the picnic, we will ask wrestlers & fans to share any of their memories of traditions, idiosyncrasies and interesting anecdotes (I'm looking at you, Bob Shaffer!). Several fun tales were presented in last year by the wrestlers from the 60's! (get your tickets here)

We will have a few tables setup with various memorabilia (see the center picture in the montage) such as trophies, state medals, old warmups, shoes from the state champs and various scrapbooks donated to the Club by alumni. It has become a very popular feature for picnic attendees.

You may see references to these practices and features of the wrestling program in these pages or hear about them in conversation. For you newbies that are not fully aware of these stories, I attempt to clarify some terms and acronyms to help you better understand the lingo. You might learn more about the program's customs, but mostly, I hope you are reminded of some great memories.

I KNOW THIS IS NOT COMPLETE - if you remember things that should be added to this collection of traditions, please leave a comment in this blog -- a comment in Facebook goes into a black hole over time and isn't useful as historical reference. I can work on including the comment items into this blog and we can use it as a repository of all the major and obscure historical features of the Reynolds Legacy.

Here are some new & old traditions: (l) the new CRTC facility; (c) Medals, state champ shoes, posters, team sticks displayed at previous picnics; (r) BAGUBA winners

Here is the initial list of Reynolds Traditions.

Winning Tradition - It all starts here


Team Stick/Spirit Stick


(Varsity) Eliminations

Detailed Statistics

Managers & Mat Maids


Wrestling Shoes

Community Support

As requested above, please add your contributions to Reynolds Wrestling Traditions in comments on this blog. The program is always evolving so these don't have to be things that started before most of our readers were born, they can be new traditions that contribute to today's success or even short lived features that were important (or just interesting) to a specific era of the program's history (e.g. During the Lineman era ... 1. Doing a forward roll as the team runs onto the mat for warmups. 2. We always had honey packets and orange slices in the locker room before a match).

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We have wonderful memories of the teams from the 1970's. Here are a few: having 100 wrestling in the practicing in the small gym, meeting the State Champs at Walt's Golden Dawn in Mercer and forming a caravan of cars to following them up Rt 58 and to the High School for a huge welcome home party, wrestling our rival - Greenville at Edinboro University and Westminster College to sell out crowds, the forward rolls coming out of the locker room and across the mats, the 2 "surrenders" that broke our winning streaks AND our hearts. Please come to the picnic and share your memories. I can't wait to hear them!

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