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Sharon Scouting Report

This Wednesday, undefeated Reynolds (8-0) returns back to Mercer County and makes a short trip to Sharon HS to take on the Tigers (1-6). Read on to get the scouting report...


Let's be honest. Unless Sharon has found another six or more wrestlers in the light and middle weights, this should most certainly be a victory for the Raiders because the Tigers have forfeited 6 or 7 matches in their dual matches so far.

Pulling talent out of the air is very unlikely. But the where Sharon does field a werstler, you can expect to see very competitive matches. Discounting the forfeits, Tiger wrestlers sport an overall winning record meaning our individual Raiders have to be ready to perform.

Reaching back 40+ years ago to my coaching experience, I know that receiving multiple forfeits makes those individuals to have a less than intense attitude going into the pre-match locker room. The danger is that the lax environment transfers to the entire team and the coaching staff has to work extra hard to make sure the others are mentally sharp for their matches.

I have to prepare scouting reports for four top teams in the Ultimate Duals this coming Saturday so this one will have a bit less material than previous reports. I may have the luxary to look ahead but the team does not.

Sharon Team Records

Ranked Wrestlers

Sharon Roster

Reynolds Roster

Save me a seat!

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