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It's The 70's Show - Raider Style

First up - the class of 1970

This is the first in a series of articles covering Reynolds Teams from 1970 to 1979. Every few days over the next month, we will look at a different year as part of the lead-up to our Legacy Annual BBQ Picnic.

Get your picnic tickets here or contact any Legacy Club member.

As time rolled on from the 60's into the 70's, the world was quickly changing. The Vietnam war wound down in the early 70s and high school senior boys didn't need to worry about their possible low military draft number after that. Rock music wasn't yet classic but it dominated the early years of that decade until Disco (our apologies!) started to share the sound waves and take over the dance floors.

Long hair ruled for most of the decade but hair styles became puffier and perms were showing up in senior pictures more often. Blue jeans and bell bottoms were losing out to polyester fabrics (even more apologies) and many of us might have to admit to owning at least one pair of plaform shoes.

Meanwhile, Reynolds Wrestling was clearly establishing itself as the dominant team in District 10. The class of 1970, shown above, did their part to build our reputation. In their four years, the teams had a 51-2 dual match record, three undefeated teams (including two nail-biting 21-20 wins over Greenville) and two Section Team titles.

Denny Loutzenhiser & Bill Mowery both won section titles in their careers and Mowery, who wrestled just his Freshman and Sophomore years, won a district title too. Denny was the last of Loutzenhiser brothers while Bob Shaffer was the first of the many Shaffers that wrestled. Many of you will recognize Bob from his many years of being an outstanding high school and college referee. Ed McClimans later became a Raider assistant coach and then the Head Coach of successful teams from 1983-86.

Just like the teams of the 60's, every member of this class helped to make the incredible Legacy of our program. This team was building the foundation of success and confidence for the program to make its leap to a state power. During this time, Coach Lineman started to schedule matches geographically further from home just to get better competition. Had the general rules of the PIAA been different then, they may have achieved the same level of state-level accomplishments as teams in later years. Fans packed the gyms, home and away, just to watch this growing powerhouse team.

Please Help Us

We have been contacting wrestlers from that era but there are several that we have not been able to find or we don't have their contact information. Below is a list of most (but not all) team members from the 70's, including those we have been able to find (And I am aware the list contains names of some that have passed away). I still need to add more names for people from the 1977-79 teams.

For the people on the list you know, we would appreciate if you tell them about the picnic or give us their contact information for us to get in touch.

Name Grad Yr/Notes

Albaugh, Jim

Albaugh, Tom 1975

Allison, Bob

Anderson, Clyde 1973

Anthony, Dave 1974

Anthony, Tom 1978

Arbanas, Bill 1978

Ault, Bruce

Axtell, Doug

Banic, Jim 1972

Bartolo, Mark 1976

Battles, Doug 1976

Battles, Mike 1974

Beatty, Gary

Beatty, Randy

Bees, Bill

Benton, Brandt 1972

Benton, Kyle 1974

Billig, Tom

Blosz, R.

Brandt, Jim

Brickell, Ed

Bright, Matt 1979

Brinkley, Tom

Brocklehurst, Bill

Brown, Pat 1973

Brown, Robin - Mat maid

Calenda, Pete 1971

Calenda, Sam

Callahan, Clay 1977

Callen, George

Canady, Bob

Canady, Mike 1979

Canady, Ron 1978

Carbo, Ron

Chess, Rod 1971

Collins, Tom 1977

Colson, J.

Coryea, Chuck 1972

Coryea, John 1978

Curry, Rich

Curtician, Rick

Dawes, Keith 1979

DeTullio, Paul

Derrick, Ed 1974

Diehl, Jerry 1977

Eakman, Mark

Echard, T.

Eich, Terry

Emmett, Bob 1979

Emmett, Dave

Emph, Dave 1971

Emph, Dennis 1973

Esmond, Bob 1978

Fedorczyk, Don 1972

Ferguson, John 1979

Ferguson, Ron 1979

Fisher, Dave 1970

Fisher, Don

Fisher, Ed

Foust, Bob 1978

Frazier, Neil 1976

Fry, Brad

Fry, John 1975

Gardner, Walter

Giardina, Joe 1977

Gibb, Dennis 1978

Graham, Fred 1972

Graham, Jay

Griffin, Guy

Gundaker, B.

Hall, Randy 1978

Harnett, Bob

Harnett, Lee

Hauck, Jerry

Hawes, Rick 1975

Henry, Brad

Hills, Brian 1975

Hills, Dale 1974

Hills, Dan 1978

Holzshu, Brian 1974

Irvine, Bill

Irvine, Dan 1974

James, Dave

Johnson, Norman

Jones, Scott

Kimmy, Rick

Klasic, Keith 1973

Klasic, Kevin 1979

Kovach, J.

Kress, Dave 1976

Kress, Rich

Krumpak, Dave 1977

Kuhn, Randy 1971

Landfried, Scott 1976

Lang, Brad 1977

Lang, Brian

Langoitti, Steve 1975

Leali, Jay

Lenkner, Owen 1974

Lenkner, Phil 1978

Lenkner, Steve 1978

Limber, Tom - mgr

Limpar, Tom 1970

Liszka, George 1973

Loutzenhiser, Clay 1979

Loutzenhiser, Dennis 1970

Madura, B.

McCann, Bruce

McCann, John

McClimans, Ed 1970

McClimans, Walt 1973

McCullough, Bill 1970

McGarvey, Gilbert 1971 - mgr

McLaughlin, Mike

McNeish, Bill 1974

Meyer, Glenn

Meyer, Paul 1975

Meyer, Tim

Micsky, Dave 1978

Miller, Dan 1972

Miller, Dennis

Miller, Jim

Miscky, M.

Mitcheltree, Don

Moffett, LeMoyne 1977

Mohr, Jeff

Mohr, Tracy

Moore, Robin

Morrison, Dan 1977

Morrison, Tim 1978

Moser, Barney 1971

Moser, Greg

Mott, Jeff 1974

Mowery, Bill 1970

Mowery, Wayne 1971

Ohl, Laddie

Ohl, Laddie 1975

Ornato, Jan 1970

Osborne, Jeff

Pacifico, Don 1979

Pacifico, L.

Palm, Bill 1973

Palm, Marlon 1974

Palm, Rory

Parker, M.

Parker, Mark 1977

Peterson, Alan

Peterson, Brian 1976

Peterson, Randy 1971

Preston, Gary 1971

Reed, John 1971

Rhyhal, Mike

Ross, Jay

Sample, Larry

Sample, LeRoy 1976

Saul, Kenny

Saul, Kevin 1974

Scott, Howard - mgr

Scott, Joni - Mat maid

Scott, Mark 1979

Shaffer, Bob 1970

Shaffer, Doug 1976

Shaffer, Roy 1971

Shipton, Janice - Mat maid

Shipton, Jeff 1976

Shipton, Larry 1971

Shollenberger, Don 1979 - mgr

Slater, Dave - mgr

Smargiasso, Larry 1971

Smargiasso, Matt 1977

Smith, Jeff 1978

Smith, Martin - mgr

Spurlock, Doug

Spurlock, Rich 1972

Stafford, Rich - mgr

Steiner, Tim

Stewart, Ty 1979

Stoyer, Dan 1972

Stoyer, Rick 1979

Stultz, Chris

Stultz, Keith 1974

Tofani, Dino 1978

Tofani, Vince 1975

Unangst, Debbie - Mat maid

Unangst, Gary 1971

Unger, Perry 1971

Urmson, John 1977

Urmson, Ron 1979

Wall, Linda - Mat maid

Watson, Mark - mgr

Weaver, Curt 1977

Weaver, Kathy - Mat maid

Werger, Bill

Wetzel, Bill 1972

Willaman, Randy 1974

Woods, Paul 1974

Yingling, Dave

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