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$5000 Donation Match Challenge!

A former wrestler has committed matching up to $5000 for every dollar donated to the Reynolds Wrestling Legacy Fund from June 1 through July 8, the day of the Legacy Club BBQ Picnic.

Here is how you can donate

A Testimonial: Why is he donating?

From left: Past Neal Lineman Scholarship winners, Kane Kettering (2022), Cole Toy (2021), Brayden McCloskey (2023) and Brian Hills Scholarship winner Santino Gentile (2023).

How this helps

Donations are the lifeblood of the Legacy Club, and it is only through the wonderful support of fans and alumni like you that we can provide scholarships and other support to the program. Over time, we want to create more scholarship opportunities and increase the amounts of those we give now. So, building our fund balance to eventually create endowments will provide the perpetual continuity of the scholarship program.

Status quo won't work - standing still really means falling behind. Just like the wrestlers, we must continually change and improve to meet the moving target of the world: College prices continue to increase; the the numbers of wrestlers in upcoming Elementary & Jr High teams and Mat Maids are growing, we have a girls’ team for which we are trying to raise scholarship and support money, too.

Also, club wrestling is basically a requirement in today's world for improving a program. And due to the incredible support of an avid Raider fan, we have the Camp Reynolds Training Center to address that need for Reynolds. The management team of the CRTC has worked hard to provide extra training and competition opportunities and they get some support from the Boosters and Road Crew but it is quite an expensive endeavor to run the center. Although our priority is the scholarship program, we want to be in a position in the future to provide help to the CRTC for coaching and competition-related expenses.


So many of you have given us a lot of support through donations and service over the past few years. Believe me - we really really appreciate it.

But stealing the tag line from my friends in the Road Crew, "It's for the kids!". Which is the point of all our requests for support: you are really helping the kids, not us.

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This is an incredible opportunity to raise funds for the scholarships. Please consider making a donation. Special thanks to the very generous person who will match these donations.

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